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Massage Treatments

All massage sessions are customizable by the client and therapist to best suit the clinical needs of each individual.

Discount Special

Discount on all massage sessions for first time clients. Bundle deals, add-ons and gift cards not included.

Free 30min session for each successful referral. Tell your family and friends! Referral offer does stack.

30min massage


60 Minute Session


90 Minute Session


2 Hour Session


60 Minute Bundle Deal

Three 60 minute sessions with a total $30 discount


90 Minute Bundle Deal

Three 90 minute sessions with a total $45 discount


2 Hour Bundle Deal

Three 2 hour sessions with a total $60 discount


Client Obligations

Graceful Tempest Massage is a professional establishment and expects individuals to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner. 

Please be considerate of yourself and your therapist by arriving 5minutes early before each session. Sessions are scheduled to include the full advertised time plus 15mins for first time paper work, dressing, and consultation. Sessions will not be extended for late arrivals. Please call if you need to cancel your session or know you will be late.

In addition, all sessions and Bundles are non-refundable. Payment is received in the form of cash or check only.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you,

-Emily Laguzza

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