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Hot Stone Massage

Add hot stones to any regular massage. Hot stones are a great way to relax and quickly permeate tense muscle tissue.

Hot stones are available upon request for no additional charge.

CBD Cream

CBD cream, when applied to the skin, assists in reducing inflammation within muscle tissue. Inflammation can occur in any area with tissue damage such as: over exertions, muscle fatigue, chronic pain, tendinitis, sprains, strains or muscle tares. CBD cream is not a substitute for a Doctor's diagnosis or treatment but, an assist in managing pain.

CBD cream is non-addictive and is available upon request with no additional charge

Aroma Therapy

Choose from a selection of 12 scented oils to enhance your massage. Aroma therapy helps reduce stress, clear the sinus, restore energy and encourages a sense of peace. Great to use when getting over a cold or when feeling distressed.

Aroma Therapy is available upon request with no additional charge.

Infrared Sauna

Using an Infrared Sauna is a great way to relax and warm up the muscle tissues before a massage. An infrared Sauna has the same benefits as a traditional sauna with one major difference: Infrared heats the body from the subcutaneous tissue layer outwards. This means you get all those same great benefits without the high heat and breathing difficulty sometimes experienced in traditional saunas.
Benefits include: reducing muscle tension, easing arthritic joint pain, assisting the immune system, reducing mental stress and fatigue.

Each massage session comes with an optional 15mins of free sauna. 

Sauna's are not recommend for people pron to fainting, currently pregnant, or taking certain medications.

If you are unsure whether sauna treatment is right for you please consult with your doctor before using.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available upon request and are priced as regular massage sessions or as part of a Bundle Deal. Gift Cards are nonrefundable. Make sure to bring in your Gift Card to receive the gifted session.

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